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ECIL GET 2012 Interview Tips and Instructions


1. All candidates whose names appear in the list have to confirm by mail his/her willingness to attend the interview to quoting their hall ticket No., name, faculty(branch) and date of interview at the earliest possible.
2. Venue: The interviews will be held at the following address and the candidates have to report at the venue on the date indicated against their name at 9.00 AM sharply:
Electronics Corporation of India Limited
Nalanda School Complex
ECIL Post, Hyderabad 500 062
Phone (s): 27182896 / 27182222
Our Nalanda School Complex Building (TIFR) is located at outskirts of Secunderabad, adjacent to ECIL ‘X’ Roads. Public transport is available from Secunderabad Railway Station, Bus Route Nos: 16A, 17, 24E, 37 & 250, from Afzalgunj Route Nos: 3, 3D, 3H & 3K, from Mehdipatnam Route Nos:5K/250, 49M/250 and from Kondapur Route Nos.10H & 17H.
3. Request for change of date of interview will not be entertained under any circumstances.
4. The candidates should bring the following documents in original along with one set of photo / attested copy:
 SSC / Matriculation Certificate as proof of Date of Birth
 Intermediate Certificate
 Consolidated Marks Memo of Engineering Degree indicating the aggregate percentage of marks scored
 Provisional / Final Certificate of Engineering Degree
 Caste Certificate from Competent Authority in prescribed format indicating Creamy Layer clause (wherever applicable)
 Medical Certificate specifying percentage of deformity / handicap from Competent Authority (wherever applicable)
 Jammu & Kashmir Domicile Certificate (wherever applicable)
5. The candidates have to bring original application, bank challan (wherever applicable) along with the copy of hall ticket countersigned by invigilator during the written exam on 10.06.2012.
6. It is to be noted that the candidates have been shortlisted based on the information provided by them in the on-line application and if it is found that the data provided is false, the candidate will not be allowed to appear for interview.
7. The candidates have to make their own arrangements for travel and stay for the interview. If required, candidates may have to stay for a day or more to complete the interview process.
8. TA will not be paid for attending the interview in case of general / OBC candidates. However, candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD will be reimbursed Sleeper Class charges from their place of residence given in the application to Hyderabad and back by shortest route, only on submission of documentary proof.
9. Candidates with Information Technology (IT)/ Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) qualification will not be allowed for the interview.
10. Post Graduates in Engineering are not eligible to apply for the post and hence, they will not be allowed for the interview.
11. Candidates who belong to OBC (non-creamy layer) must produce the Caste Certificate in prescribed format issued by the Competent Authority.
12. Wherever the class is not awarded in the degree certificate they should provide a document from the University that his % of marks falls in the grade of First Class/Second Class.
13. Candidates with CGPA grade must produce an authenticated conversion table provided by the University.
14. Candidates with dual degrees like Electronics & Computers will not be allowed for the interview. Degrees/branches other than mentioned in the online application will not be accepted and such candidates will not be allowed for the interview.
15. Canvassing in any form is strictly prohibited and the candidates indulging in the same will be disqualified.

ECIL GET 2012 Written Test Results

ECIL Written Test Results for the GET posts vide Advt. No. 4/2012 are announced and the result is available in the ecil get 2012 result links. Dear Candidates, Thank you very much for evincing keen interest in ECIL Organization by applying for the post of Graduate Engineer Trainee recruitment 2012. They have received 99,479 online applications in response to their Advt. No. 04/2012 out of which 70,163 candidates attended for ECIL GET 2012 written test held on 10.06.2012. The written test was conducted in 72 centers across the country in 15 cities. We expect full attendance for the interviews and wish each one of you “Best of Luck”. Attached herewith is the provisional list of shortlisted candidates for the interview. The date and time of interview is indicated against their name. The interviews will be organized at our Nalanda School Complex (TIFR) from 23.07.2012 to 27.07.2012. The candidates are requested to go through the instructions and comply with the same. Enquiries from the candidates whose names do not appear in the list will not be entertained. The Shortlisted Candidates are advised to confirm their attendance in the following format to
Hall Ticket No
Faculty (Branch)
Date of Interview

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ECIL Graduate Engineer Trainee Electrical Question Paper

Name of the post: Graduate Engineer Trainee (Electrical)

Duration: 2 hours

No. of question: Only 50 (Technical only)

1 question= 3 marks

Negative marking: 1/3 rd

There are no question from Aptitude, GA. So question paper was based on technical based
Some question are.

Which turbine used for low head (kaplan, pelton etc.)

* Two x-mer a & b have 50hz and 400hz frequency. Which is big a or b

* What is the use of ready signal in 8085 up

* Two lamp connected in series than total power drawn?

* What is unit of flux density?

* What is the ratio of magnetic field intensity to flux density?

* One question from synchronous motor

* Calculate Rth of given ckt?

* Two questions from thevnin theorem

* What is use of MOV?

* Calculate the frequency of parallel Resonance ckt?

* One question from OPAM (calculate o/p voltage)?

* Calculate load current of Bridge rectifier?

* One program on C?

* Which diode made by metal& semiconductor?

* Which sensor not used for measurement of wight? (capacitor, strain gauge, piezoelectric)

* Which GATE used as a Comparator( OR, AND, EX-OR, None of these)

* One question from Lagging-leading?

* Calculate the Laplace of te^-at?

* Given a characteristics equation of stable system find value of a?

* When we used a negative feed back in Oscillator?

* Which is used for amplification purpose (Ans. Transistor)

* In CE configuration why Capacitor used parallel with resistor of emitter?

* If sin i/p is given in vertical plate of CRO and nothing on horizontal what will happen?

* Calculate the Time constant of RC ckt

* If sinusoidal ip is given to schimit trigger what will be output?

* Calculate the RMS value of given voltage?

* Filter roll off characteristics on the basis of active/passive, order, type of components?

ECIL Electronic & Communication Question Pattern

50 technical questions, duration 2 hours
No non-technical section.
* 4-5 questions from digital elec.
* 2-3 from analog electronic.
* 2-3 from transmission lines.
* 2 questions from network.
* 3-4 ques from control system.
* 1 questions from cro.
* 2 questions from C language.
* 2 from processors.
* 1 from antenna.
Cover all technical subjects, paper is quite eay and not tedious one, may be this of use or not, but I found that there is no pattern on freshers thats why poting it.

ECIL GET 2010 Computer Science Question Paper

1. Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of.
(a) 1.9999 milliseconds
(b) 1 millisecond
(c) 9.999 microseconds
(d) 1.9999 microseconds

Answer: (d)

2 Linked lists are not suitable for which of the following problems?
(a) Insertion sort (b) Binary search (c) Radix sort (d) Polynomial manipulation

3. void main()
char x=323;
printf("%d %c",x,x);

Answer: 67C
4. void main()
Float x=23.45,y=32.45;
printf("yes both are equal”);
printf("no both are equal ”);

Answer: yes both are equal

5. void main()
int x=25;

Answer: 0

6. What does TNS stand for?
Answer: Transparent Network Substrate

7. What are the differences between 8085 and 8006 microprocessor?

8. How many minimum number of NAND gates are required to realise OR gates?
(1) 3 (2) 1 (3) 2 (4) 5

Answer: 3

9. How many minimum node required for a B+ tree
10. Postorder traversal of a given binary search tree,T produces the following sequence of the keys 10,9,23,22,27,25,15,50,95,60,40,29 which of the following sequence of keys can be the result of the indore transversal of the tree T?
(a)9,10,15,22,23,25,27,29,40,50,60,95 (b)9,10,15,22,40,50,60,95,23,25,27,29 (c)29,15,9,10,25,22,23,27,40,60,50,95 (d)95,50,60,40,27,23,22,25,10,9,15,29

11. Consider an operating system capable of loading and executing a single sequential user process at a time.The disk head scheduling algorithm used is First Come First Serve (FCFS).If FCFS is repladced by Shortes Seek Time First (SSTF),claimed by the vendor to give 50% better benchmark results,what is the expected improvement in the I/O performance of user programs?
(a)50% (b)40% (c)25% (d)0%

12. B+ Trees and B Trees use a "fill factor" to control the growth and the shrinkage. A 50% fill factor would be the minimum for any B+ or B tree. As our example we use the smallest page structure. This means that our B+ tree conforms to the following guidelines.
Answer: Minimum Keys in each page 2

13. A clock signal with a period of 1's is applied to the input of an enable gate. The output must contain six pulses. How long must the enable pulse be active?


Enable must be active for 0


Enable must be active for 3


Enable must be active for 6


Enable must be active for 12

14. Which one the first interact with the machine in microprocessor
(1) assemblers, (2) loaders, (3) linkers, (4) interpreters

15. Class A ip address is & class B ip address is then find out max ip address
16. How many maximum ip address for a class A
(1) 2128 (2)1024 (3) 2048 (4)none of them

Answer: 2128
17. Which gate use for always on condition at the place of square.
(1) NAND (2) OR (3) XOR (3) NOT

18. Polymorphism used for
(1) Access through object (2) more from represent within one from (3) prosperity access to the another class (4) none of them
Answer: More from represent within one from.

19. Instruction used for
(1) Compilation (2) System call (3) Access any operation (4) None of them
Answer 3

20. Fork () used for
(1) Compilation (2) Accessing (3) Created a process (4) None of them

Answer: 3

21. In a database 120 student present with in 8 table if both join with a natural join the maximum possibility to joint is (not full remember)
(1) 8, 8 (2) 920, 8 (3) 120, 8 (4) 360, 8

22. In PHP data based use for (options not remember)
(1) Mysql_ Quarry (2) Mysql- Quarry (3) MysqlQuarry (4) My Quarry _sql

ECIL GET CSE Question Paper and Pattern

ECIL get cse paper 2011 on august 28.the paper was not really too much tough but It is easy if u know all fundamentals. Question paper was for 150 marks and 50 questions each carry 3 marks and negative marking will be there i.e., 1 mark will be cutted for 1 each wrong answer.some of the books I suggest for ECIL GET written exam preparation are MCQ in CSE by Williams Thomas and PSU in Computer Science Engineering.these booka are more than enough.

The subjects which u need to prepare are networks.

2.operating systems. security

4.compiler design.



7.microprocessor organization programming

These subjects only fundamentals are necessary to be prepared.

So I remember only few questions and I am giving u.

1)in networks if the address size of ipv4 is 4 bytes then for ipv6 how many bytes does it take.

a.6 bytes b.8 bytes c.16 bytes d.none Ans:c

2)the full form of ssl is Ans:secure socket layer.

3)to generate an digital signature which of the following components are necessary

a.encryption b.encoding c.hash function d.none

4)routing is possible in which layer ANS:network

5)1 c program

6)one gate has given the or gate is used with --------------gate to produce an or gate Ans:NAND

7)in 8086 to produce an effective address by using 20 bit address we use ------

Ans: CS+IP

8)which of the following occurs to belody’s anomaly


9)-5 can be represented in binary form as____________

10)signed integer for 16bit is ANS:-32768 to +32767

11)which of the following class belongs to

ANS: class B

12)which of the following is error detection code ANS:crc

13)atm is used for _______________ switching ANS:packet switching

14)which of the following layers are used for routing.. ANS:network layer

15)one small c program on conditional operator

16)worst case time complexity of quick sort is________ ANS:o(n^2)

17)a join that shows the null values is ANS:outer join

18)the problem of using priority scheduling is________


19)which of the following are used for charged particles

a)alpha b)beta c)gamma d)none.

20)if the books are soted in a given order which are already sorted is___________

Ans: stable