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ECIL GET 2010 Computer Science Question Paper

1. Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of.
(a) 1.9999 milliseconds
(b) 1 millisecond
(c) 9.999 microseconds
(d) 1.9999 microseconds

Answer: (d)

2 Linked lists are not suitable for which of the following problems?
(a) Insertion sort (b) Binary search (c) Radix sort (d) Polynomial manipulation

3. void main()
char x=323;
printf("%d %c",x,x);

Answer: 67C
4. void main()
Float x=23.45,y=32.45;
printf("yes both are equal”);
printf("no both are equal ”);

Answer: yes both are equal

5. void main()
int x=25;

Answer: 0

6. What does TNS stand for?
Answer: Transparent Network Substrate

7. What are the differences between 8085 and 8006 microprocessor?

8. How many minimum number of NAND gates are required to realise OR gates?
(1) 3 (2) 1 (3) 2 (4) 5

Answer: 3

9. How many minimum node required for a B+ tree
10. Postorder traversal of a given binary search tree,T produces the following sequence of the keys 10,9,23,22,27,25,15,50,95,60,40,29 which of the following sequence of keys can be the result of the indore transversal of the tree T?
(a)9,10,15,22,23,25,27,29,40,50,60,95 (b)9,10,15,22,40,50,60,95,23,25,27,29 (c)29,15,9,10,25,22,23,27,40,60,50,95 (d)95,50,60,40,27,23,22,25,10,9,15,29

11. Consider an operating system capable of loading and executing a single sequential user process at a time.The disk head scheduling algorithm used is First Come First Serve (FCFS).If FCFS is repladced by Shortes Seek Time First (SSTF),claimed by the vendor to give 50% better benchmark results,what is the expected improvement in the I/O performance of user programs?
(a)50% (b)40% (c)25% (d)0%

12. B+ Trees and B Trees use a "fill factor" to control the growth and the shrinkage. A 50% fill factor would be the minimum for any B+ or B tree. As our example we use the smallest page structure. This means that our B+ tree conforms to the following guidelines.
Answer: Minimum Keys in each page 2

13. A clock signal with a period of 1's is applied to the input of an enable gate. The output must contain six pulses. How long must the enable pulse be active?


Enable must be active for 0


Enable must be active for 3


Enable must be active for 6


Enable must be active for 12

14. Which one the first interact with the machine in microprocessor
(1) assemblers, (2) loaders, (3) linkers, (4) interpreters

15. Class A ip address is & class B ip address is then find out max ip address
16. How many maximum ip address for a class A
(1) 2128 (2)1024 (3) 2048 (4)none of them

Answer: 2128
17. Which gate use for always on condition at the place of square.
(1) NAND (2) OR (3) XOR (3) NOT

18. Polymorphism used for
(1) Access through object (2) more from represent within one from (3) prosperity access to the another class (4) none of them
Answer: More from represent within one from.

19. Instruction used for
(1) Compilation (2) System call (3) Access any operation (4) None of them
Answer 3

20. Fork () used for
(1) Compilation (2) Accessing (3) Created a process (4) None of them

Answer: 3

21. In a database 120 student present with in 8 table if both join with a natural join the maximum possibility to joint is (not full remember)
(1) 8, 8 (2) 920, 8 (3) 120, 8 (4) 360, 8

22. In PHP data based use for (options not remember)
(1) Mysql_ Quarry (2) Mysql- Quarry (3) MysqlQuarry (4) My Quarry _sql


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